LET Optomechanika Praha produces various eyepiece graticules and rulers, fine scales, encoders and calibers as well as microscope accessories.

Our production program is based on the photolithography process. It is mostly a motif etched on a thin chromium layer deposited on a glass base. The motif is copied with the contact method from a precision mask to in most cases a polished pad, but we also work with matte surfaces or prisms.

We use both positive and negative photolithographic methods for production.

For etching patterns we use classic etching.

We work with a line thickness of 0.003mm and 100% check is carried out under high magnification microscopes (Leitz, Leica).

For large series efficiency, we process multi-stage glasses, which we drill or otherwise drill down in the end, thanks to a precision diamond drilling technology.

We apply any anti-reflection coatings to already finished shapes.

We cooperate in the production of masks with an accuracy of <0.5 μm - we supply the elevation angle on request.

Products can also be delivered with the customer's logo.

We work with our customers to develop and optimize special products for their own needs, which we then exclusively manufacture for them.

We work closely with the Academy of Science and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague.