Advanced technology of thin film coating designed for optics or electrotechnics.
Standard used substrate for depositing are float glass, borosilicate glass and various kinds of optical glass up to the diameter of approx. 200 mm. Please contact us for the use of other materials and larger sizes.
It is possible to optimise the film for the visible spectrum and adjacent wavelengths.

Vacuum coating of metals (Cr, CrNi, Au, Ag, Al) and dielectrical layers (MgF2,SiO2,Cr2O3 TiO2).
Machines:  UP, Balzers, Leybold 

Sputtering of Cr, Al, Ti, Ta, W.
Machines:  Balzers

Antireflection layers
Measuring devices:
  • Spectrometer Specord UV-VIS
  • Denzitometer